a little pregnant
madcap misadventures in infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood

Note: This list is no longer being updated. For a magnificently well maintained list of blogs pertaining to infertility, pregnancy, adoption, and parenthood, please refer to The Stirrup Queen's Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer.

The List

This is a somewhat haphazard collection of links to blogs pertaining to the pursuit and achievement of parenthood.

Would you like your site to be included here? Would you like your description changed? Has your status changed? Please let me know at [email protected]. Note: You MUST make sure the subject line of your e-mail includes the word LIST. Otherwise I might never see it, and I would hate to miss it.

I've included all the infertility blogs I know of. After that it gets a little bit sketchy; the adoption, pregnancy, and parenting blogs are limited to those I've frequented and found interesting. However, I am always happy to hear of more. Any errors or omissions should be attributed to breathtaking stupidity, and not to seething malice.