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FireI got this lovely message on Facebook the other day asking me what my plans were for my blog. I laughed merrily, because that is what I do when I find something gently hilarious — oh ho ho, goodness me, plans?

It sounded a little like bells.

Fact is, true as ever to mine own self, I don't have a plan for my blog, beyond opening its creaking hinges to post now and then when something amuses, baffles, or concerns me. Today I am amused, still laughing days after the fact, because in the sheaf of papers Ben brought home from school last week was this:


"My snowman is named     Murdertron    ."

 Which reminds me of the snowman Charlie built last winter when we forced him to stop using the computer and go outside.


Because of course that's what he built. Of course.

I hope this winter finds you and your special snowflakes well.