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Quilt update

Spectrumtop A quick update for those of you who bought a chance at Boulder's raffle quilt: the top is finished, a mere two weeks behind my original projection.  I'm a bit behind, I know, but I hope you will appreciate my dedication when I confess that I gave up my place on the U.S. Olympic biathlon team and my top 24 spot on American Idol so that I could stay hunched over my sewing machine working on it. 

Think of me as the infertile blogging world's Michelle Kwan.  Or, if you prefer, Bode Miller.  Or even this guy, because, you know, I'm a smiley sort.

I count 1,112 individual pieces.  At last count — and at this point please imagine me diving into a swimming pool full of coins, but without the associated compression fractures and resulting quadriplegia, if you'd be so kind — we've raised $3,890.

The next step is to layer the top with batting and backing.  Then it gets basted.  Then it gets quilted.  Then it gets squared, bound, and labeled.  Then it gets clutched in my trembling arms, gathered to my heaving bosom, and wept fondly over as I package it for shipping.  (As a gesture of goodwill and gratitude, I will keep my snot to myself.)  I estimate that it will be finished in about two weeks, and will announce the date of the drawing right around then.

Thank you all so very, very much.  More updates to come.