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Let's review: Don't drink gas.

Found on the Internet:

Q. I'm five months pregnant and I have been craving bleach. I have a really strong urge to drink it. I never experienced this in my other two pregnancies. Can this be harmful to my baby? Have you ever heard of this?
-Anonymous, Maryland

A. First, please do not drink the bleach! It can be very harmful to you and your baby. You should report your craving to your doctor ASAP. You are probably deficient in iron or some other vitamin. Your body is instinctually seeking out what you are lacking through your seemingly-odd craving.

It is more common than you think during pregnancy to crave such potentially poisonous items as permanent markers, spray paint, gasoline, dirt and bleach. It's almost always an indicator of a dietary deficiency.

How about Sharpies?  Can I eat a fine-point Sharpie?  It sounds mysteriously delicious.  Just a nibble, I promise!  Oh, and oil-based paint.  I know it's not safe to inhale its fumes during pregnancy and all, but do you think it's okay if I eat it like soup, maybe with oyster crackers and a delicate garniture of finely-snipped chives?  And what about huffing benzene?  That okay?  Because I have one fuck of a monster craving. 

Can this be harmful to my baby?