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love-chartI want to be fair.

My feelings about my reproductive endocrinologist are occasionally quite negative.  But I swear it isn't personal. 

In fact, on a personal level, I'm crazy about him. He's a lovely man who's shown me great kindness on many occasions, the sort of kindness I needed when everything went haywire: laughing dutifully at my feeble attempts at humor when most people would have been horrified.  He has never shied away from the questions, complaints, and occasional abuse with which I've ambushed him.  Although some of the decisions that have been made about my treatment have turned out very badly, I can't doubt the purity of his motives or the goodness of his intentions.

Based on a careful study of my journal entries (and recollection of a very few bizarre and smoking-hot dreams), I've concluded that the spikes of annoyance I've experienced over the last few months are really nothing personal.  I've found that the intensity of my feelings correlates directly with the success of a given phase of treatment.

Thanks to the magic of Microsoft, I have prepared a chart that proves this, including several important milestones over the last two years.  I feel it's quite persuasive.