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XXX libris

So I was thinking today about the naked lady magazines that are an inevitable feature of any clinic's "collection room." (I guess that's a nicer term than "wankatorium.")

I was wondering exactly whose job it is to select the visual aids. Are they chosen by someone with relatively cosmopolitan tastes, or by someone who picks them up gingerly by a corner, making a moue of displeasure? Is there some general medical consensus about which topics should be covered, or is it entirely an aesthetic decision on the part of the hapless curator?

Do they send the lowest-ranking staff member to that skeevy adult bookstore out by the airport? Do they keep petty cash on hand for just such occasions, or does the employee have to fill out an elaborate request for reimbursement? Description: January 2004 Manholes. Purpose: Client entertainment.

Or does the office simply maintain yearly subscriptions to an array of quality periodicals? Does the postman do a double-take when he sorts the daily mail and finds this month's Juggs nestled coyly beside this month's Breastfeeding Outlook? Who's in charge of sending in the card that says, "YES! Please send me 12 jam-packed issues of discreet, efficient masturbatory inspiration!"?

I know nothing of my own clinic's literature holdings. I keep meaning to send Paul in with a pad and pen so he can make me a list. The only helpful information he has volunteered so far is the intriguing fact that on the very top of the stack rests a pristine and current copy of The Journal of Light Construction.