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The sticking point

So, um, yeah, I appear to be pregnant.

If the faint line I got on this morning's HPT is any indication, I appear to be pregnant, indeed.

I wordlessly showed it to Paul, assuming he'd know what he was seeing. He didn't. He is a manly man, our Paul, who's had no truck with pregnant women or birthin' babies.

I explained. Paul is a cautious person when it comes to getting his hopes up: "Could that still be the trigger shot?"

Theoretically, I suppose it could be. I'm only 12 days past trigger. But I think it is safe to assume that the IUI actually worked. I think it is safe to get excited, if only a little.

I am 10 days past ovulation. My period isn't due until Tuesday. Between now and then I expect to urinate gleefully on everything in the house that even vaguely resembles a stick. Note to Paul: hide the toothbrushes.