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Stuck in the middle with you

I just performed the inaugural injection of this, my second IVF cycle. Even as we speak, the Lupron is coursing through my veins. I am imagining myself as the Incredible Hulk, with my clothing hanging around me in fashionable tatters as the bloat and the emotional upheaval turn me into a raging green-skinned beast.

Don't make me hormonal. You wouldn't like me when I'm hormonal.

(Assuming you'd like me otherwise.)

The worst side effects I had from the Lupron last time were occasional headaches (and I think the worst one was actually a bit of a vodka hangover). As long as I remember to drink more water than usual, I should be fine.

The actual injection was nothing. The shots don't bother me — at least not until later in the cycle, when I run out of virgin flab to pierce. I've found that my inner thighs and abdomen are the most hospitable territory — very little pain there, unless you get too close to the navel. None of this candy-assed icing the area beforehand, or warming the syringe, or daintily swabbing on numbing cream, thanks. The pain's no worse than an insect bite, and certainly not worth complaining about when you consider the big picture.

I'm somewhat concerned that in our attempt to create more eggs we're decreasing the Lupron as opposed to increasing the stims as I thought we'd discussed, but I am trying very hard to turn off my brain and let my doctor do the thinking. I grudgingly admit that he probably knows a tiny bit more about manipulated reproduction than I do. My ovaries are merely putty in his competent hands.