a little pregnant

So tiny, tender and clinging to life by the thinnest of threads, a preemie is a beautiful sight to behold — or might be if you could actually see the baby behind the tubes and wires through your own swollen, bloodshot eyes. Her petite, delicate features cringe and twitch at a whiff of alcohol or the sound of an isolette port opening. Imagine the hours you'll spend sobbing at the bedside of this lifelike collectible preemie doll!

Now you can bring the NICU home with you. Brisk demand is expected — because who wouldn't want to while away the days vibrating her chest to loosen the mucus in her lungs, examining her stomach contents for residuals, tickling her feet to startle her out of another apnea, and adjusting her O2 flow to turn her color from a grayish pallor to a well-oxygenated pink? Order now!

This exclusive collectible preemie doll features:

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